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Bringing Balance Back

A Program for Busy Professionals

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A 90-day Program Designed to Quiet the Chaos and Welcome Back Balance

  • Are you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? Does life feel constantly chaotic? 

  • Do you feel that you are drowning in all the day-to-day expectations?

  • Would you rather feel rested and in control of your space and in the daily grind? 

  • Would you love to move through your day feeling a sense of balance?

  • Are you feeling tired, worn out and stressed from juggling demanding work assignments, and taking care of family and household obligations? 

  • Are you tired  of promising yourself you’ll workout and then not following through?

Then this 90 Day program is for you!

Program Outcomes:

  • Create a compelling vision of the balanced, chaos-free life you desire.

  • Understand you and your values, and where they are (and are NOT!) currently showing up in your life.

  • Understand what is currently getting in the way of creating the balanced life in which you no longer feel weighed down by others’ expectations.

  • Establish strong, conscious boundaries so that you can always show up as your best self.

  • Move through each day feeling empowered, balanced, and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you!

During your 90-Day Program, I will help you:

  • RE ENERGIZE your body, heart and mind and get the life you most desire. Get re energized   and start feeling alive and thriving again. Get that bounce back into your step.

  • REDISCOVER parts of yourself and your passions that you’ve left behind. Find out what lights you up and start living the life you love. Or perhaps free yourself from what holds you back from having the career you love, the relationships you deserve and the healthy lifestyle and beautiful body you crave. 

  • REBALANCE your days to create a life that works for you. Set healthy boundaries and prioritize what’s most important. Find out what needs nourishing and what is using up precious energy in your relationships, your finances, your work and home. Clear the clutter that is holding you back from waking up alive and thriving every day. 

  • RECOMMIT to the life you deeply desire and start anew with the right system and accountability.  Build new habits that stick and weed out the ones that are no longer serving you. Recommit to connecting with yourself and others without sacrificing your boundaries. Say goodbye to guilt and start prioritizing you.

You’ve got this! And I’m here to support you to be the best version of yourself.

What’s included: 

  1. One 90-minute “Identifying Imbalances” Session:  In this foundational session, you’ll get clear on all the sources of your current imbalance and start creating a clear picture of what your balanced life may look like.  

  2. Twelve 50-minute Personalized Support Sessions [via phone or Zoom):  During each of these weekly sessions, we will celebrate your successes, work together to break through any obstacles you may be experiencing, and you’ll leave with clarity on your next steps.

  3. One 30-minute “Clear Your Clutter” Session:  In this powerful and practical 30-minute block of time, you will make huge strides toward clearing clutter in an area of your choice with my guided support.

  4. Three 25-minute “Help me work through the Chaos that I’m Feeling!” Calls when you might need a bit of help between regular sessions [if needed].

Email and/or text access to me for quick celebrations or questions about life’s unexpected demands that may arise between our coaching sessions


Paid In Full: $1575 introductory price

Payment Plans Available

Free 60-Minute Breakthrough Session

"Bringing Balance Back; Quiet the Chaos and Welcome Back Balance"

Jump Start Your Journey to Feeling Balanced, Rested and in Control

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