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"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain"
-Vivian Greene 
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Are you a busy professional juggling a demanding career and personal responsibilities that have you feeling exhausted, neglecting your own needs, on the edge of burnout and experiencing negative health effects?

 My proven habit change system and mindset tools guide you in creating a powerful, actionable plan to reclaim balance in your life, reduce stress, overcome overwhelm and start experiencing more energy, joy and a healthier lifestyle. 

Take Your Life to the Next Level


Tuesday's September 19 - November 14, 2023  7:00 - 8:30 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)

Whether you're seeking to enhance your career, improve relationships, or find inner peace, this course has something for everyone. 

Learn powerful Mindset tools from the Clarity Catalyst course based on a Stanford University Master's Degree Program

Limited Time Offer: $297, Reg. Price $597



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Bringing Balance Back

A 90-day Program Designed to Quiet the Chaos and Welcome Balance in work and life.

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Clarity Catalyst

The Clarity Catalyst Course is based on a Stanford University master’s degree program to cultivate creativity, authenticity and self- expression.

Starts September 19, 2023!

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Culture Catalyst

Culture Catalyst Course is based on, a proven, state-of-the-art methodology that was created by Dr. Michael Ray at Stanford University.


What My Clients Are Saying


"Mary has helped me to look at things from a different perspective than I ever have before. I truly treasure what she has to offer. I recommend Mary to anyone who wants to make new habits and new ways of doing things stick. She has the tools to guide and support you beyond where you even think you can go."

Mary Boonin

Transformation and Mindset Coach

I am a certified Life and Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Senior Management Professional with 30+ years experience leading high performance teams. I am highly skilled and experienced in habit change, transformation, personal development, lifestyle and mindset change, strategic communications and collaboration. 

My extensive education, experience, and training have equipped me with a comprehensive coaching and training arsenal, enabling me to provide clients with the tools and methods they need to achieve their goals. My proven habit change system and mindset tools have helped numerous clients to improve their health and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.

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